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All photographs taken on Modoc Railroad Facilities.



Phillip Cecil - BNSF Locomotive Engineer, Galesburg, IL
Graduate - Modoc Railroad
"I had wanted to get into railroading as long as I could remember. I was in a dead end job, no advancement and no challenge. I had applied several times with BNSF (railroad) but each time I was passed over. I thought I was a good prospect, but frankly I just didn't have the right job skills the railroad was looking for. Telling the railroad I was a hard worker and can learn quickly was not enough. Then I came across the Modoc Railroad in California. I was living in Illinois but if I was ever to get into the railroad, this looked like the best way to do it. It was a hard eight weeks. The school taught me rules, railroad safety and more things then I realized about working on the railroad. I am now a BNSF locomotive engineer on the Galesburg Subdivison. Going to Modoc is best decision anyone could make. I strongly support the school and the great job they do."

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Charles L. Culver - Charles L. Culver & Associates, LLP Railroad Operations Consultation
Graduate - Modoc Railroad Engineer Re-Certification Program
"Having recently spent a week at your facility for my locomotive engineer recertification training, I would like to thank you and Scott for your hospitality. I found Modoc to be a high-tech, state of the art training facility where boots get dusty, hands get dirty and students get a taste of railroad life in a structured, disciplined environment. I have nearly four decades of railroad experience, and was quite impressed. I found your hands-on equipment, from track switches to air brake components, simulators, cars and locomotives, to be very useful in the course. Your computer learning aids were equally valuable."
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Art Croney - Engineer, Pacific Harbor Lines, Los Angeles
Graduate - Modoc Railroad
"My Modoc education helps me stand out from the other new-hires in a very positive way, and I expect to be able to move up to engineer ahead of the pack.
It's been over 30 years since I looked forward to going to work. The money and time I spent at Modoc was an investment in myself that could not have been better spent."
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Terry Teal - Conductor, CSX Transportation, Richmond, VA
Graduate - Modoc Railroad
"...they taught me the knowledge and skills needed to further a career in railroad. There is more to railroads then I could ever imagine, but I learned what it’s all about at Modoc... the instructors at the are the “best” at what they do. In addition, let me tell you ‘They Care’! There is a lot of hard work and studying in the class, but the staff makes sure you understand 100 % of everything taught to you about railroading."
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Scott King - Hired by The Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad in Tillamook, Oregon
Graduate - Modoc Railroad
"The Modoc Railroad, in my opinion, has saved lives, because of the stern straightforward education students receive. The field lab training has more value than that a new hire could get while working with on “The Job Training.” This is because the training at the is done in a relaxed atmosphere, with an instructor who can stop and start the operations as needed to bring together the clarity and understanding of the work being performed.
This is truly a wining program that will I know will save lives and money through out the industry for both the short and long term."
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Patrick C. Mickey - Tucson, AZ
Graduate- Modoc Railroad
"Dear Dave and all of you at Modoc Railroad,
Wanted to let you know that I am a road conductor and remote control engine qualified on the Union Pacific Railroad.
I want to say thank you for letting me attend your school and for the wonderful program you have. The education I got at Modoc put me way ahead of others, even guys from that other railroad school. The training and experience I got at Modoc has helped me progress in my railroad career.
I am so glad I went to Modoc Railroad. I couldn’t have gotten this far without going to Modoc….Very cool."




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